Home again

My Dearest Newtina,

it is with a heavy heart, yet much hope that I report to you my intent to return home. My sojourn in this lovely “Crystal Lake Camp” has been one of the most (clairvoyant) of my travels, I shall treasure it always. Yet it is time to move on.

This current session has ended (they keep track of the events and activities that make up “time” in a most unusual way here) and to celebrate there was quite a boisterous banquet! The whole dining hall was decorated to look like a giant garden, and all the attendants dressed as bugs and garden residents. There were games, races, dancing, deserts, and gratitude. To tumultuous drumroll it was revealed whose cabin had done the best job at cleaning, unity and teamwork for the session.

I struggled with the notion of leaving at first but was bolstered with the thought that what I have experienced here is of little use to the world if I stay and continually attempt to relive the sweeter moments. It is indeed only worthwhile to have experienced it at all–the hard times and the good–unless I share my new self with those at home. And so with a spring in my step I embark…HOME!

Forever yours,


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