Virtually CLC

We cannot express enough gratitude for our Virtually CLC summer staff; we are so proud of the great feat you’ve accomplished in building an online camp program from scratch and totally rocking it! The spirit of CLC streamed through Zoom and YouTube reaching campers around the world. It was truly inspiring to watch all of the fun, joy, love, inclusivity, … Read More

Happy New Year from Winter Camp 2019

As 2019 has come to a close, we are so very grateful for those who came to spend their New Year with us this year at Winter Camp! Though we started with a bit of rain, we were able to ring in the New Year in a snowy winter wonderland. If I could sum up Winter Camp in one word, … Read More

That’s all, folks

We’ve officially come to the end of our Summer 2019! Family Camp is always a wonderful end to the summer because not only do we have the opportunity to spend some time with some really great and wonderful families and individuals, but we also get to celebrate one last week altogether to finish out the summer. It was a full … Read More

A wonderful Wednesday

Another day at Family Camp! We started yesterday with an early morning adventure – swimming! Then, some of us congregated in Alford Hall for Lesson Reading, where we read this week’s Bible Lesson on Spirit. Our Thought of the Day was from Science & Health page 266 – “Man is the idea of Spirit; he reflects the beatific presence, illuminating … Read More

From our family to yours …

We’re a full day into Family Camp and we’re so grateful for all the families that are spending their week with us! We’re off to an active and fun start with Barn Dance last night after a full day of classes! The really cool thing about Family Camp is that not only do we have our daily activities and classes, … Read More

The end of another memorable summer

Youth Camp Summer 2019 has officially ended, but we are so blessed to have shared it with all the wonderful and spiritually minded campers who came and hung out with us this summer! Though the actual sessions have come to an end, the memories will live on for quite some time, as will the friendships and lessons we all learned. … Read More

Our last full day of classes for Summer 2019!

The return of campers from Overnights was all high spirits and laughter even though it was pouring down rain when they all returned. And I mean it when I say that it was a pretty blustery day – a real storm was happening – but campers were smiling and laughing, cheering as they got back to camp no matter how … Read More

Clan sportsmanship at its finest

I know I often say that we had a long, full day here at Crystal Lake, but I truly mean it when I say that yesterday, Little Olympics, was a full, full day of fun, creativity, team building, cheering, and sportsmanship. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Little Olympics, it’s a full activity day here at camp that … Read More