CLC Has new Ducks!!!

by BJ Thompson For those of you who were here last year you got to meet Duncan, the amazing duck.  Over the summer he made countless friends and made everyone smile.  He was a constant presence at the waterfront with his insistent quack. I’m convinced that that quack was him laughing at us 🙂     This past fall, Duncan … Read More

Terrific Turtle Trivia

  Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, so it only makes sense to celebrate the greenest of the four clans here at Crystal Lake Camps – the turtle! Here is some terrific turtle trivia you can wow your friends with. Did you know… Turtles vary in size, from the huge 8 foot Leatherback Turtle to the tiny 3 inch long Bog Turtle The word … Read More

Gray Wolf Trivia

The Wolf Clan is one of four proud clans at Crystal Lake Camps, including the Turkeys, Bears, and Turtles. This post is the second in a series of trivia posts about the clan animals, which commenced with Terrific Turkey Trivia in November. How much of this trivia did you already know? What are your favourite wolf facts? (source) Did you … Read More

Terrific Turkey Trivia!

  There are many things I love about being a member of the proud Crystal Lake Camps turkey clan. First of all, turkeys have their own day every year, called Turkey Day, though some may also refer to it as Thanksgiving. It is a day when everybody gives thanks for turkeys. Secondly, turkeys are clever and very beautiful, which is … Read More