Celebrating Easter Everyday

  Mary Baker Eddy gave her church a Church Manual. The Manual gives lovely provisions for Mother Church members. Mrs. Eddy specifically gives a provision for Easter when she writes, “Easter Observances. Sect. 2. In the United States there shall be no special observances, festivities, nor gifts at the Easter season by members of The Mother Church. Gratitude and love should … Read More

The Gift of Truth

This morning while driving to an early meeting I was listening to a program on NPR.  The topic was having a “no gift Christmas.” — the basic idea is that people have enough stuff and maybe the gift of time or presence is worth considering.  I didn’t hear the end of the program, but the idea kept coming back to … Read More

Easter Gladness

What is Easter and what does it mean to you? Maybe it’s a public holiday, a long weekend, or time away from work when you can go camping or spend time doing other activities. To me, Easter has a spiritual significance. For a long time I thought that Easter occurred once a year, but the more that I study what … Read More

Transcendence Demonstrated at CLC

When I think of Easter, I think of the transcendence and joy of Christ Jesus’ resurrection and later ascension.  The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines transcendent as “surpassing limits” and it goes on to say “The Latin verb scandere” (which is the root of transcendent) “means ‘to climb’, so transcend has the basic meaning of climbing so high that you cross some boundary. A transcendent … Read More

Spiritual Freedom

Mis. 251:12 “To-day we commemorate not only our nation’s civil and religious freedom, but a greater even, the liberty of the sons of God, the inalienable rights and radiant reality of Christianity, whereof our Master said: ‘The works that I do shall he do;’ and, ‘The kingdom of God cometh not with observation’ (with knowledge obtained from the senses), but … Read More

Gratitude for CLC staff

Staff week 2015 practitioner John Biggs expresses his gratitude for the staff of Crystal Lake Camps. John currently works as a Resident Counsellor at Principia College. I love Crystal Lake Camps because I trust Crystal Lake Camps. The staff, while of course not humanly perfect (and they are not asked to be humanly perfect) are honest and exemplary in their … Read More

Starting the New School Year with Angels

Eric Oyama from LA was one of our practitioners at camp this summer! With the school-year now underway and all of the different demands of school, family, friends, sports, jobs, etc., it’s great to remember the wonderful article called “Angels” found on page 306 of Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896 by Mary Baker Eddy. Right in the middle of all of the demands … Read More