Council Fire Teepees: A Camp Tradition

For years the teepees have stood tall either side of the fire ring beside Crystal Lake on the opposite shore from the Lodge. The teepees were unbowed in all weathers and a distant landmark guiding canoes and lake swimmers alike, catching the shadows and bathed in firelight in the evenings and rising above the morning mist on the lake, in … Read More

Sunday School and First day of classes, 4th Session

Today was a very full day, starting with a small sleep in, then joint flag raising, breakfast, and Sunday School (we know it’s Monday, but moving it to the second day of camp helps get things rolling a little faster, and then we move into Sunday School once we know each other a little better). Classes divided up by age … Read More

July 19: Sunday School, capture the flag, and council fire

This wonderful summer Sunday started off with a delicious breakfast and breaking into the same Sunday School classes as last week. Campers thought deeply about the lesson on Life, and how living it morally leads to happiness and healing. After kapers, a stand-by inspection, and lunch, a rowdy game of Capture the Flag spanned most of girls’ camp. The Turtles … Read More

Second day of 2nd Session: A Bright Beginning

After the storm that rolled through camp on Saturday night, Sunday developed into a perfect camp day, warm and sunny with blue skies and puffy white clouds scudding across the sky. Morning assembly focused on a great skit about listening to radio station “WGOD” and tuning into that station all through the day, whatever happens. After first day kapers, all … Read More