Winter Camp Reflections

“You’re going to spend New Year’s at camp?” my friend said,”Isn’t that gonna be a little cold?”   Well, honestly, yes.  It was a bit cold.  But it made the hikes around the lake invigorating and the light dusting of snow beautiful.  The lodge and Alford Hall were nice and toasty, though.  With fires crackling, we toasted marshmallows for s’mores, … Read More

Spiritual Growth from Crimson Arrow to Eagle Feather

  by Ellen Powell Have you ever stood by the “IN” door of the kitchen in Alford Hall and looked up at the plaques over the piano? I know I have. Here’s a little bit more about the awesome program the plaques are part of, and snippets from my own journey to getting my name up on the wall. Officially, … Read More

Winter Camp 2015

After all the Christmas presents are unwrapped, and all the Christmas dinner gobbled up, many families struggle with boredom in the days following the festivities of Christmas and before New Year’s celebrations begin. This is never a problem for families who attend Winter Camp at Crystal Lake Camps. Despite the lack of snowfall, this year’s group of winter campers had … Read More

Cleaning up can be fun too!

  Our relationship began four years ago. Mark and I felt compelled to get involved with a Christian Science youth camp and decided to check out Crystal Lake Camps first as it was the closest to us. We saw that they had an upcoming Fall Clean-up Weekend and, although we had never been there before, promptly signed up. It was … Read More

Mirror of Eternity: Alumni Weekend 2015

  Let me start by saying that Alumni Weekend 2015 was FANTASTIC! The spectacular fall campus of Crystal Lake was second only to the delighted reunions of generations of campers and staff. It seemed like each colorful tree was celebrating our CLC friendships right along with us. Everywhere I looked Love was emanating like a beacon of joy on each … Read More

A CIT Reflects on a Great Summer

  Greetings, CLC community! My name is Ava, and this summer I completed the counselor-in-training (CIT) program at Crystal Lake Camps. I have been attending CLC summer camp since I was ten years old, and with each summer comes new healings and blessings. As a CIT, I lived in cabin with campers, helped facilitate classes, lead quiet hour, attended a CIT … Read More